5 ways to Minimise Accidents in your Warehouse

Health and Safety concerns are at the foremost of all prudent businesses today. Accidents in the workplace accounted for 56 deaths in 2014, up 10 from the previous year and a worrying trend that is increasing year on year.

Managing a Rising Workforce

Over the past number of years workplace accidents have been on the rise, not surprising you might say with the increased workforce now employed in the Irish market but what is important is that through proper implementation of risk management and systems of work this figure can be reduced.

An area of concern that I see overlooked in many business is that of their storage facilities and most importantly of their pallet racking and industrial shelving. Daily I witness damage to structures such as the uprights which were caused by fork trucks or other machinery weakening the components of warehouse structures. This in many cases can have a detrimental effect on employee and customer safety on site, any damage to a frame or bracing has an impact on the integrity of a structure and if this collapses it could possibly result in injury, unforeseen cost and possibly mortality on site.

There is a duty of care responsibility on all employers to ensure a safe practice of work set out in the Health Safety and Welfare act 2005.

FiveWays to Reduce Workplace Accidents in Storage Facility Areas

The following measures should be taken to reduce this risk and mitigate the cost, SEMA is the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association recommend the following:

  1. Annual Inspections carried out by qualified professional representatives to ensure that companies are storing goods correctly and to identify potential risks to organisations.
  2. Ensure you are compliant with weight loads and not over loading beams. All storage facilities should have specifications clearly stated on each row and adhered to by warehouse personnel.
  3. Introduce a reporting system so employees do not fear reporting damage to Managers.
  4. Establish a relationship with your racking supplier or specialist, ensure they are at a minimum SEMA accredited as they are equipped to advise on any concern a warehouse manager may have.
  5. Implement a safe systems of work code of practice ensuring you are compliant with the Health Safety and Welfare Act 2005

Workplace Safety Consulting at Complete Storage Solutions

We regularly help our customers by carrying out safety consultations

We regularly help our customers by carrying out safety consultations

I have recently undergone extensive training and I am now certified by SEMA to conduct site audits and make recommendations to organisations to improve safety and awareness around warehouse maintenance. Annual site audits and more if required ensure a safe system of work and is a sure way of reducing risk with business. The cost associated with replacing a frame, upright or beam is a lot less than that of the loss of the complete contents of a warehouse, personal injury or more.

Complete Storage Solutions Ltd is one of Ireland’s leading and longest established supplier of storage solutions. We have over 100 years’ combined experience in delivering bespoke, integrated solutions for warehousing, archive and office spaces throughout Ireland.
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completestorage_logoOur core aim is to assist our customers in achieving maximum efficiency at the best possible cost, while maintaining the highest industry standard’s of the FEM (Fédération Européenne de la Manutention).

To arrange an appointment for a safety audit of your warehouse or storage facility please contact us at Complete Storage Solutions on 01 8210500 or info@completestorage.ie alternatively visit us at www.completestorage.ie

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